Membership in the Salivary Research Group is open to any individual interested in salivary research and who is eligible for membership in the IADR, as set forth in Article I of the Bylaws. When you join IADR you will also be able to join the Salivary Research Group through the Scientific Groups & Networks section.


Member Types


  • Full members who shall be active members of the IADR
  • Student members who shall be student members of IADR or full-time students or trainees interested in salivary research. 


  • Emeritus members. IADR Life members/retired members after 25 years membership of IADR



Election to Membership


    • Full members
      Active IADR members shall become full members of the Group upon written application and payment of Group dues to the Secretary-Treasurer


    • Student members
      Applications for student membership must be made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer, supported by the signature of one full member of the Group acting as sponsor. No dues are required. Student membership shall terminate upon termination of fulltime student status.